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 Interessante montagem de uma Performer Tision

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Data de inscrição : 20/09/2010
Localização : Itabira - MG

Interessante montagem de uma Performer Tision Empty
MensagemAssunto: Interessante montagem de uma Performer Tision   Interessante montagem de uma Performer Tision EmptyTer Jun 27, 2017 8:15 am

O tópico original em alemão do velomobilforum, na tradução automática do google pra inglês, ficou bem aceitável de ler:

Citação :
My VOLTA High Racer ...

... or why I would like to travel the World Championship, instead of just taking pictures.

For at least 15 years, the desire to build a recumbent myself is driving me. I was on several occasions shortly before an order to assign, but for different reasons it always came to no. The last time came the Performer High Racer, which was just too similar to my design. So I bought the bike directly. First time on the safe side, the risk with your own constructions is always that you have overlooked what and the child has any children's diseases.

After the performer, which my friend still drives, came two Carbon High Racers:
- Troytec High Racer: A great bike, but a few things did not please me. For example, The seat has no lumbar support, which makes the transmission of the power more difficult. The biggest problem was, however, that the chain on the small chainring did not run clean at the fork.
Then came the Schlitter Highracer. With the bike I was never really warm. The seat height was ultimately too high for me. Since my arms compared to the back rather short, I always had to stretch them very much to get to the UDK. The conversion to Tiller worsened the steering behavior, which I eh not as the best felt, probably because by my long back the weight distribution was too far behind.

Then I learned that Performer offers custom recumbents based on the Titan High Racers Tision. I then asked with Performer with the following wish list:
- The chain should be on the small chainring above the fork (never again the Troytec problem)
- Disc brakes
- Double deflection for the leertrum - I do not like chain guards
- As short a wheelbase as possible. The first design by Performer had a wheelbase of 113cm. Since I have some problems with the place between the thighs, the middle part has been extended by 3cm.
- Bottom bracket bearing approx. 28cm
- Loops for luggage rack mounting .
- Tapered fork 1,5 "-1,25"
- Reinforcement of the frame on the control tube with tube segments instead of the standard plates.
- Own logo (VOLTA) on the frame.
- Matt framefinish instead of polished
- Second boom without derailleur tube

What was not possible:
- Bent frame tube
- Special, self-designed seat attachment.

For clarity, I have also sent a CAD drawing. Overall, I tried to make the lines of force (especially the chain line) close to the frame tube in order to ensure a stiff drive.
Performer then sent me a CAD draft after asking my body measurements. After everything was as desired, I gave the order.
It took me about a month until I held the frame set with carbonsite, carbongabel and two expansions in my hands and my account was relieved by almost 3000 €.

That was a little more than a year ago. Subsequent optimizations have been implemented:
- Boom: Since titanium tubes are not available in any measure, performers use a spacer between the main frame and the boom. Unfortunately, the is not thick enough, so that the bottom bracket when driving was adjusted. A 0.4mm aluminum sheet and assembly paste had created 100% remedy here.
- Tiller shortened. For this I had to modify the cable management.
- The front deflection pulley in the Leertrum I have mounted somewhat differently and built a protection against the jumping chain from a hardboard to create more space for the train.
- The seat attachment I have rebuilt, the seat further forward and lower (now only 2mm between seat and frame).
- Conversion to Schlittersitz. At shallow seat angles (now about 16 °) one can still support somewhat better.
- One-ply seat mat

This is how the result now looks:
Interessante montagem de uma Performer Tision 35284073346_5748a86623_c

For training sessions, I can attach two drinking bottles and a saddle bag behind the seat
Interessante montagem de uma Performer Tision 35324070305_4468bfbe8f_c
Interessante montagem de uma Performer Tision 34936604610_75c1d14152_c

The VOLTA is slightly lighter than the Schlitter and Troytec and comes ready for about 10.0kg , The main frame with screws, seat attachment and deflection pulleys weighed 2,15kg.

The wheel is clearly the fastest hanger I've ever owned. Opposite the Schlitter, the lower seat, which covers the upper and aerodynamically critical area of ​​the wheels, is noticeable. Compared to the Troytec the shallower seat angle for the speedsplus is probably responsible.
Compared to both the speedsplus is at 1-2km / h at tempo 40.

The steering behavior is good, after I moved the seat once again. However, ZOX and Troytec were even better. The Aero wheels I depicted, however, I rarely go, because the side wind susceptibility thereby noticeably increases.

The comfort is excellent, compared to the Troytec it feels on bad stretches, as if you had 2Bar less pressure on the tire. The stiffness in the drive I would describe as very good despite the light frame, probably the chain line along the frame and the lowered seat paid off. This is only true, however, As one presses from the hip. If you work hard from the shoulders, the wheel can not deny its thin tubes.
Also notice the light frame when braking. Here the frame nods noticeably, but does not feel unsafe.

I think that is essentially, a few pictures are available here:


Achei ótima a escolha pela headtube cônico. Que eu saiba, nas reclinadas só a Carbent oferece essa opção, que permite acesso aos garfos de estrada mais atuais. Também achei interessante ele pedir que os reforços das soldas fossem feitos com seções de tubos - na verdade, aquela região em volta do headtube, na bike dele, parece bem mais reforçada, tlvz tb em consequência do uso do tapered. Olha só uma tision "das antigas":

Interessante montagem de uma Performer Tision 5893114431_4a32d477b5_b]

A triangulação traseira do quadro também parece ter ficado bem mais generosa na montagem dele, mas acho q isso já vem sendo feito há mais tempo.

Nas minhas preferências e uso atuais, eu não "chaparia" o banco a 16 graus, como ele fez, mas se fizesse mais treinos de velocidade querendo dar canseira nos speedeiros, com certeza montaria muito parecido. Tb arriscaria um guidão como ele fez, pra esse tipo de foco mais em treino - já pra longas distâncias e pra encarar descidas muito loucas, acho que prefiro o esquilo tradicional, um pouco mais largo. (o larry oslund, q andava usando um guidão bem estreitinho na vendetta dele, voltou a um guidão de speed tradicional pra pedalar o RAAM).

Senti falta de um cabeamentozinho interno...

A linha de corrente realmente parece ter ficado bem boa.

Os álbuns de fotos dele no flickr são excelentes, incluindo fotos de uma cicloviagem grande pela Europa, e fotos de algumas edições do campeonato mundial de HPV.
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Interessante montagem de uma Performer Tision
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